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Linguistics Asymmetry of lexical nominations of the main character in the epos “Kalevala” in parallel translations into Russian and English Bulina E.
Linguistics Verbal and non-verbal components of influence: Considering the structure of posts Ilin M., Vargina E.
Linguistics Red Square as a sample of power communication Golovanivskaya M.
Linguistics Verbal description of dizziness by Russian-speaking informants with high and low levels of alexithymia Esin O., Esin R., Gorobets E.
Linguistics Translation of Kazakh realities into the Russian language: Problems associated with wedding rites Yerbulatova I.
Linguistics Interpretational analytics in speech communication and in translation Ivanov N.
Linguistics Forming the semantic aspect: The qualifying category of evaluation in the Russian language Ivnitsky Ye.
Linguistics Lexical and syntactic problems of the Russian language: Paths in the administrative sociolect Kotlyarova О.
Linguistics Axiological component of national proverbs in Chinese mass media published in English Kokhan I.
Linguistics Lexical resources of network communications (a problem statement) Pilgun M.
Linguistics Modeling principles of associative fields: A lexicographic aspect (based on a series of associative experiments with the Russian language learners) Guts E., Kurulenok A., Ruhl N.
Linguistics Diachronic analysis of the language situation development in India in the postcolonial period Aydayeva G., Kalinina G., Mustafina J., Sokolova I.
Linguistics Deontic meanings of the modal auxiliary “должен / must” in Russian and English prescriptive legal texts Tuganova S.
Linguistics Structural – semantic formation of poetic discourse Cherkasova I.
Literary Studies “New biographism” in Russian women’s prose of the late 1980s – early 1990s. Afanasev А., Mukhametshina R.
Literary Studies Several comments on the article of American Slavists about the Dao element in “War and Peace” by L. N. Tolstoy Bekmetov R.
Literary Studies The theme of philanthropy in Old Believer Bishop Mikhail’s (Semenov’s) journalism Bochenkov V.
Literary Studies The genre of travel literature in the works of D. H. Lawrence (“Mornings in Mexico”) Bulashova N.
Literary Studies Narrative structure of O. A. Slavnikova’s novel “The Long Jump” Grimova О.
Literary Studies Ways of postmodern reinterpretation: Historical document in Jonathan Littell’s novel “The Kindly Ones” Danilenko I.
Literary Studies Leo Tolstoy’s story “What for?”: Its reception in Poland Trojanowska U., Zinnatullina Z.
Literary Studies Nonfiction and fiction in V. Mayakovsky’s autobiography “I, Myself” Ivanyushina I.
Literary Studies Features of study: Leo Tolstoy's novel “War and Peace” in the context of religious traditions Karpenko G.
Literary Studies The author and the genre in “The Last Testament of Oscar Wilde” by Peter Ackroyd Kotova N.
Literary Studies Constructing the autobiographical myth of M. Tsvetaeva within the essay “A Hero of Labor” Kuchumova М.
Literary Studies Kazan pages of Leo Tolstoy’s life in fictional and biographic narrations Nasrutdinova L.
Literary Studies Ian MсEwan`s essays in the context of national traditions Novikova V.
Literary Studies Character development in “Crime and Punishment” as a real-time response to contemporary terrorism Nussbaum G.
Literary Studies Memorocentrism of autobiographical prose of the first-wave Russian émigré: Synthesis of its subjective and documentary nature Reznik О., Zaatov I.
Literary Studies Archive materials for the chronicle of N. M. Karamzin’s life and work Sapchenko L.
Literary Studies The Russian travel as a national myth and a form of subjectness Fortunatov N., Fortunatov А., Fortunatova V.
Literary Studies Johannes Bobrowski’s prose: Intertextual dialogue with German classics Frolov G., Gilfanova G.