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On the series of Prof. Bakirov’s scientific works (on the 85th birthday of the outstanding scholar-folklorist)


December 10, 2018 marks the 85th birthday of Marcel Kairnasovich Bakirov, a prominent folklore theorist, professor of Kazan Federal University. He is one of the few scientists whose fruitful scientific activity is fully devoted to discovering the depths of the Turkic-Tatar folk art and early Turkic poetry. The poetic heritage of the Tatars is a creative encyclopaedia, reflecting the world outlook and experience of aesthetic exploration of the world in their evolutionary development, as well as our people’s creative thinking and the individual talents of the belles lettres genre. M. Bakirov has devoted his life to verbal folklore, which preserves poetic features and traditions of the Tatars’ creative consciousness. He is the author of numerous academic publications, five of which are monographs and textbooks in history and theory of Turkic poetry, Turkic and Tatar Poetic Studies, Turkic and Tatar folklore and its genres, ethnic and ethnocultural history of ancient Turks. In general, all the scientific works of the professor study important categories of folklore and early poetry. The works and activities of M. Kh. Bakirov, Doctor of Philology, are known not only in the Russian Federation, but also abroad as the research of a prominent scientist, a historian of Turkic literature. The scholar supervises the work of a new generation of Tatar folklore researchers. The significance of his monographs and a textbook on folklore is determined by the need for a historical and theoretical study of national folklore, early and medieval poetry, and the poetic forms of Türkic and Tatar poetry in their creative unity. They are also important as a modern comprehensive analytical study of the genesis and poetics of the Turkic-Tatar folk art in the system of national and universal values. M. Kh. Bakirov’s scientific works define the features of the functions and evolution of folklore and literary genres that make up the historical memory of the people. They date back to the early contact-related interconnections, and, at the same time, are reflected in the current trends of the national literary development. The article provides a brief review of the scholar’s major scientific works and reveals their significance for the Russian science.

Key words: 

scientist-folklorist Bakirov, monograph, Turkic, Tatar, ethnocultural.

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