The article presents a new approach to the understanding of a teacher's image and his mission in society. In the new pedagogical paradigm, within the frames of which the article is written, a teacher is considered to be "the creator" of a person with all his qualities. The new approach implies that a university teacher is to be defined as a "teacher of teachers" who forms the personality of a future pedagogue. He does not only impart knowledge, but using educational potential of the courses delivered, creates a special educational environment in which a student can grow and develop not only professionally but morally. The author of the article suggests intensifying the humanistic and cultural trend in the system of pedagogical education, stimulating students' self-management, "pedagogical detachment" and initiative. The author advocates the point that of all the variety of different universities, pedagogical university possesses the highest mission as the state trusts it the most important value – its young generation.

Key words: 

higher educational institution, pedagogical education, education, management system, peda-gogue, teacher, student, humanism, culture, management, self management

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