The works of M. Yunys: Characteristic features of constructing a national myth


The article discusses characteristic features of constructing a national myth in M. Yunys's prose and journalism. In his works, actualization of national issues has generally ideological roots. In the course of deep reflection, while analyzing national identity, self-knowledge and consciousness, the author mythologizes the national image of the world. One of the first stages of the national myth formation is the idea of the national “us” based on comparison with “them”, which is perceived as “other”. The significant feature of M. Yunys's prose and journalism is nationalization of a chronotope. If we consider national existential concepts within a constructivist paradigm, we find different mechanisms of mythologization. The process of national identification and nationalization of a chronotope is based on a certain model, presented by chronotopes “motherland – the path of searching for happiness – return”, which is found in the majority of his works (for example, the trilogy “Travel”, the novel “Reflections en Route”, the story “To Find and to Lose”, the story “Our House Was under the Willows”, etc.). This model is motivated by sociocultural prerequisites developing into the concept “the fate of the people”. In his prosaic and publicistic works, creation of myths is of cognitive nature with modeling potential.

Key words: 

national myth, national image of the world, M. Yunys, Tatar literature, national identity, image of “them”, image of “us”.

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