Effective educational technology: A variable component of intensive training course in writing texts


The article discusses how to teach writing a summary and an argumentative essay for the BSE in the Russian language at the intensive preparatory courses of the Technical University Center for Pre-University Education. The purpose of the article is to consider variant forms of a training unit, which is an organizational unit of intensive training, aimed to develop speech.

The article suggests that teaching to write a summary should include a skill-acquisition stage, a consolidation stage and a checking-writing-skills stage within a single training unit. We provide a detailed description of the workshop strategies, aiming to create a joint teacher-student summary, which involves the analysis of the content, composition, and linguistic means of the source text; text compression; coherence of the created written statement; proofreading. We believe it is necessary to analyze the content of the author's text along with the linguistic analysis and describe the strategies of semantic and linguistic compression of the text.

In teaching to write an argumentative essay on linguistic topics, a training unit is presented as a two-part structure, involving a training workshop and a test essay. The article pays special attention to the stages of conducting a workshop.

The proposed variant forms of lessons at the intensive preparatory courses involve “immersion” in the subject that ensures thematic, logical, and conceptual unity of the learning material acquisition.

Key words: 

intensive training, training unit, summary, text analysis, text compression, essay.

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