Essay writing in literary works of A. Genatulin


The article considers the genre and style features of essays by A. Genatulin, the famous Russian-speaking writer of Bashkortostan, who is more than ninety years old. The writer is a veteran, a witness and a participant of the major historical events, among which the main one is the Great Patriotic War. In his essays, the writer reflects not only on the tragic past, but also on the present day of the country. His view of the past and current events is distinguished by real integrity and his uncompromising stand. The writer represents “the lost generation”, those who had lived expecting happy changes, only to see their hopes for the bright future ruined. It is with bitterness that they state the depreciation of moral values, which they had been selflessly faithful to. His extreme honesty, frank non-trivial and independent reflections leave no doubt that his observations are the fruit really gained and endured, there is no false pathos in his works, nothing tactical and momentary. The analysis convinces us that there is a deep internal communication between all the writer’s works, irrespective of the genre determined by the author himself. All of them interact, forming a uniform hypertext, which is characterized by lyricism and unique intonation.

Key words: 

Genatulin's works, essay, Great Patriotic War, hypertext, lyricism of prose.

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