“The Art of the Fantastic”: G. Gazdanov`s artistic representations in the 1920s


This article discusses the artistic views of G. Gazdanov, who represents the younger generation of emigrant writers. Gazdanov's attitude to art is specific: in the articles of the 1920s, the writer gravitates towards the irrational trend. It was this trend that Gazdanov called authentic or “fantastic”. The order of the mentioned names of the authors has its own logic: at first glance, all the writers, listed in the essay, belonged to different cultural traditions, moreover, they wrote in different languages. However, for Gazdanov it is not cultural or linguistic certainty, which is important, but their common aesthetic positions, expressed in their special attitude both to art in general and to its individual elements. Therefore, the hierarchy of Gazdanov’s literary values may seem specific and provocative. But the writer's task is not to reassess the values, but to assert his unique vision of artistic creativity and to offer his concept of verbal art for consideration. In this research, an attempt is made to reconstruct and systematize the figurative and thematic content of the author's concept of art, as its formation determined the main vectors of Gazdanov's entire creative path.

Key words: 

Gazdanov, Poe, Gogol, Maupassant, “disease of focused attention”, problem of vision, border state.

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