Organizational conditions and methods of teaching “Country Studies” to foreign students of Russian at intensive preparatory courses


The article explores intensive teaching of “Country Studies” to students who study Russian as a foreign language at university preparatory courses. The purpose of the article is to consider the features of organizational conditions and methods of intensive teaching Country Studies, based on a separate module of a training session.

The article suggests use the technology of intensive training in a foreign language audience based on a model with a low degree of intensification of time and energy of the educational process subjects. We have developed the invariant of the educational module structure as an educational and organizational unit of intensive teaching, which is a rigorous methodological sequence: checking homework – detailed reading – independent work on the text – analyzing semantic and compositional structure of the text. Special attention is paid to a set of tasks for each stage of the educational module to ensure the achievement of educational aims of the lesson and its stages. Learners are engaged in active mastering of enlarged content units, games (role-playing) and other interactive forms. Visualization tools are used to stimulate an emotional factor in learning. This method of intensive teaching of Country Studies ensures the integrity and quality of mastering educational information and subjectively-meaningful comprehension of linguistic material, which contributes to the cultural-linguistic adaptation of students in a foreign language environment.

Key words: 

intensive teaching, Country Studies, model, educational and organizational unit, text analysis, set of tasks.

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