Formation of ethnic identity in students–future teachers by means of museum pedagogics


The article is devoted to the urgent problem of modern society: Searching effective means of developing ethnic self-awareness of the individual in the context of the current unification of social and cultural values. We believe this issue is important for the multinational and multicultural population of the Republic of Tatarstan. We consider that the development of ethnic self-awareness primarily requires the formation of its key component - ethnic identity.

The article focuses on searching the most effective tools for forming ethnic identity in students–future teachers. We formulate theoretical provisions concerning the essence of ethnic identity, its distinguishing features and factors that prevent its positive development.

In our opinion, museum pedagogy, as one of the areas of pedagogical science, possesses a significant potential for forming ethnic identity in future teachers. This article emphasizes the unique role of museums in solving the problem under study. We suggest a program for forming ethnic identity in students–future teachers by integrating the content of the pedagogical course “History of Pedagogy and Education” and museum practice. We have proved experimentally the effectiveness of this strategy.

The article can be recommended to teachers and museum workers who intend to form ethnic self-consciousness in university students.

Key words: 

ethnic self-awareness, ethnic identity, formation, means, museum pedagogy, educational environment, integration.

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