Conceptual principles of forming the semantics of the members of the Russian and Arabic phraseological field “Nutrition”


The article provides insight into the conceptual principles of the semantics formation of Russian and Arabic phraseological units, which include lexical items from the semantic field “Nutrition”. We identified the spheres and semantic fields that are actively replenished by the phraseological units and revealed basic models, motivating phraseological meanings and common and specific features in realization of these models in the unrelated languages. The article also identifies Russian and Arabic phraseosemantic fields “Nutrition” and conducts a comprehensive analysis in the semantic, linguo-cognitive and linguoculturological aspects. The research clarifies certain provisions on the process of formation and structuring of phraseosemantic fields and elaborates conceptual principles of idiomatizating the inner form of the analyzed phraseological units, which include the vocabulary of a single semantic field. We established extralinguistic and linguistic factors, which determine common and specific features in the principles of conceptualization of the world with the help of the Russian and Arabic components of the phraseosemantic field “Nutrition”. This study data and findings can be used in giving courses in the theory of language and translation, general semantics, cultural linguistics; in lexicographical work on compilation of monolingual and bilingual phraseological dictionaries; in teaching Russian and Arabic as foreign languages.

Key words: 

phraseology, semantic field, phraseosemantic field, motivation model.

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