Ideological and artistic singularity of R. Mukhamadiev’s novel “Kүзачкысыз буран” (“The Impenetrable Blizzard”) (2016)


The article examines the genre features of the novel “Күзачкысыз буран” (“The Impenetrable Blizzard”) by R. Mukhamadiev (2016). The author of the novel is known in Russia and abroad as a talented prose writer, critic, and public figure. This work is a tribute to the memory of Turan Yazgan who led “Turan”, the Foundation for Studies in the Turkic World, for many years. According to the genre, this is both a fictional and documentary novel. R. Mukhamadiev gives a fictional interpretation of the biography of the Turkish public figure. The book has a great educational potential. It reveals the outlook origins of the ardent patriot of the Turkic peoples. The author of the novel emphasizes the role of the family in shaping Turan Yazgan’s world outlook. His work is a fusion of objective and subjective principles. Facts from the protagonist’s life and his activities are combined with the author's autobiographical material. R. Muhamadiev documented his interpretation of the events in the 1990s in Tatarstan and the contacts with Turkey. This allows him to philosophically comprehend the problem of “man and time”. In the novel, the image of Turan Yazgan is created due to the interaction and interpenetration of the “spatial form of the hero”, his “temporary whole”, biographical, everyday, historical, and cultural contexts. The unifying element here is the “semantic whole of the protagonist”, the concept of a creative personality. The fictional structure of the novel and its poetics are intended to emphasize the idea of the Turkic world unity, which is reflected in the composition of the work, in the system of its leitmotifs and images.

Key words: 

Tatar literature, genre of a fictional-documentary novel, Rinat Mukhamadiev, Turan Yazgan, Tatar-Turkish contacts.

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