On aesthetic resources of the category of case of nouns (based on Russian poetry)


The article studies the aesthetics of language and speech, one of the relevant areas of modern linguistics. The purpose of our work is to identify factors, contributing to the actualization of the aesthetic potencies of the noun case category. We used the following methods in our research: descriptive-analytical, semantic-stylistic, and distributive. The materials for our analysis are the poetic works of the 20th century, included in the National Corps of the Russian language. The study of linguistic literature made it possible for us to define aesthetic resources of linguistic units, including the means of the morphological level of the language, with a focus on the aesthetic meta-category. We also considered the main properties of the category of case of Russian substantives. The article presents a review of works which research the issues of stylistic characterization and expressive possibilities of the category of case. We revealed the factors that contribute to the realization of the aesthetic possibilities of case forms used in poetic works, namely: deviations from the linguistic norm, repetition of the same case form formed from different nouns, use of different case forms of the same noun, and semantic puns of case, or prepositional-case forms of a noun. At the same time, we gave a more detailed coverage of various cases of deviation from the language norm. Our observations and conclusions are substantiated by a variety of illustrative materials.

Key words: 

poetic text, aesthetics of language units, noun case category, aesthetic resources of case forms, factors contributing to the realization of aesthetic possibilities of the category of case.

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