Peculiarities of self-presentation in political debates in the aspect of multimodal interactions


The article is devoted to one of the currently important topics – a specific character of multimodal communication in media-political discourse. This article deals with gender peculiarities of communication in political teledebates (Great Britain) at the stage of self-presentation (based on the English language), when participants take turns and act both as speakers and as listeners. They have a very difficult task to fulfill – to present their party and to make a certain impact on the audience in a short period of time. A video analysis was chosen as a method of our research. The article is aimed at specifying characteristic features of verbal and non-verbal communication of participants, men and women, from the point of view of multimodal interactions. We analyzed how speakers use different verbal and non-verbal (gestures, mimics, pauses, etc.) tools to interact with the listeners (other participants and audience) and even to manipulate them. We also analyzed verbal and non-verbal forms of communication as well as different ways that speakers use to interact with the listeners and to influence them. As a result of a comparative analysis, certain similarities and differences in male and female communication have been found.

Key words: 

verbal and non-verbal communication, speaker, listener, multimodal communication, self-presentation.

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