Game terminology in fictional and professional discourse (based on the works of V. V. Nabokov, A. E. Karpov, A. B. Roshal)


The article analyzes the function of game terminology in fictional and professional discourse. The study is based on V. V. Nabokov’s novel “The Defense” and the book by A. E. Karpov and A. B. Roshal “The Ninth Vertical”. The purpose of the article is to reveal the features of uses and functions of game terminology in fictional and professional discourse.

In this work we used such methods of linguistic research as the statistical method, the component analysis, and the interpretative method.

This research enabled us to determine the differences in the use of chess terms in fictional `and professional (chess) discourse.

The data from this study suggest that in spite of the fact that the main terms of professional chess sport are used in fictional texts, they have different functions. Thus, in fictional discourse, we noted the nominative, text-forming functions and the function of character drawing. In professional discourse chess terms are used only in the nominative function. Complex terms that require a more detailed study are not used in fictional discourse, while professional literature abounds in them. The unprepared reader cannot restore the meaning of these terms without special reference books and dictionaries. In fictional texts, we can find synonymous terms, while in professional texts synonyms are not allowed.

Key words: 

Vladimir Nabokov, A. E. Karpov, game, chess, chess terminology, game terminology, discourse.

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