Language in the service of the consumer society and culture


The article discusses the impact of language on the values and functions of the consumer society and culture. This impact specifies a certain standard in the evaluations, ideals, and needs. The purpose of the study is to examine the vocabulary of commercials and images created by media in order to develop the “correct” attitude toward the purchase of a car. The objectives of the study are to analyze the language, used in advertising and mass media texts, and to study the images, stimulating the purchasing desire through visual or verbal means. Car advertising commercials are the evidence that media manipulates images and feelings desirable for the consumer society. The information in the commercials is represented in an emotional form. Words trigger the mechanism, introducing cultural values into the consciousness, the values that determine the behavior and axiological orientations of the individual. The values of material goods and competition become firmly established in the axiosphere whereas spiritual wealth gets less meaningful. Semiotization of consumption is spreading. The conclusion is made that language has an undoubted influence on the culture of consumption and in this way it defines, constructs, and maintains a model of the world.

Key words: 

consumption society, consumer culture, image, value, manipulation.

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