Wales experience in Welsh functional development in the education system


The topic of the paper is considered to be relevant since the mankind tends to protect and revive native languages as a way to protect national identity and culture. Moreover, one can observe modern tendencies aimed at reducing globalization risks regarding regional and minor languages and seeking new efficient approaches to facilitate and develop them. The paper analyzes the modern language and education policies of Wales regarding the Welsh language for further best practice adoption. The paper vets Wales statutory documents of results achieved that allow us to single out the tendencies of Welsh in the education system. Having synthesized the analyses results, we were able to detect the patterns and obstacles while introducing and facilitating the functional potential of Welsh in the education system. The statistic data analysis of the figures shown in the tables proves positive tendencies of Welsh development and the fact that the education system is a key tool for increasing the functional potential of Welsh in the modern world. The paper marks out the handicaps of the process, introducing Welsh into the education system. The information can be practically applied when planning the language and education policies regarding minor languages for the European and Russian regions.

Key words: 

language policy, Welsh, education system, regional languages, minor languages.

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