Processes of semantic derivation in the language of photographers


The article reports on the results of the research aimed at describing semantic derivation of Russian and English one-word units and collocations in the language of photographers. The issues are exemplified by 186 non-codify units of the Russian language and 209 non-codify units of the English language used in commentaries posted by professional and amateur users of “Клуб” and “Photo.Net” forums in 2015. The data analysis presents identifying semes of referents, belonging to national and professional languages, which allows us to reveal the basic processes of semantic derivation in the language of professional photographers. A metaphor is one of the most wide-spread types of semantic derivation in the language of Russian and English photographers, metonymy is less productive. Images, enclosed in identifying semes and potentially intended to express predicative features, are diverse and include names that update both external and internal characteristics of the referent subject. External features represent the similarity of subjects in form, color and size, whereas internal features demonstrate the presence of a particular seme.

Key words: 

professional language of photographers, non-codify units, semantic derivation, seme, metaphor, metonymy.

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