Phraseological units in texts of animated cartoons (based on the texts of cartoons “Beauty and the Beast” and “Aladdin”)


The paper studies the character of idioms used in the texts of animated cartoons “Beauty and the Beast” and “Aladdin”. First we discuss the problem of distinguishing the terms “film dialogue”, “movie script” and “movie discourse”; then we focus on the specific characteristics of movie scripts and their functions. The paper makes special emphasis on the important role of animated cartoons in the process of shaping the language of youth and their world vision, as the audience of these movies are school and preschool children predominantly. After analyzing the language of the aforementioned movie scripts, we conclude that the filmmakers are well aware of all their responsibility. Besides the means of attracting younger generation common in film production, one can observe expressivity and emotiveness of the language of these scripts. To make their texts comprehensible the authors use idioms of neutral and colloquial layer with a transparent inner form. It is obvious that the use of bookish phraseological units would make the language of the cartoons hard to understand. The analyzed animated cartoons do not exert any negative influence on shaping the language of youth, as vulgar idioms are not found in the scripts at least at the level of phraseological units.

Key words: 

film dialogue, movie script, movie discourse, animated cartoon, idiom.

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