Functional peculiarities of economic media texts


The paper addresses the main functions of economic media texts. Economic media text is a product of media discourse on economic issues, defined as a communication exchange in mass media. Our analysis has shown that economic media texts perform informative, entertaining, educational, advertising and ideological functions. Thus, economic media texts inform readers about the ongoing events of the economic world, entertain the readers with interesting facts and phenomena. Educational function develops the readers’ knowledge about the economic world and aids their comprehension of economic terms. Advertising function is often implicitly performed, as this kind of media texts comprise covert recommendations on the consumption of certain services and products. Ideological function implies influencing readers through some specific ideology and system of values. It should be mentioned that some economic media texts focus on the performance of one specific function, whereas in other media texts, several functions can overlap or dominate, respective of the reporter’s communicative goals. The present research comes to prove that economic media texts are mainly focused on informing people about the current events and facts of the business world. Thus, informative function can be considered to be the prevailing one among the discussed functions.

Key words: 

economic media text, functions of economic media texts, media discourse, economic discourse, media text and media discourse.

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