The negative image of a wife in Avarian proverbs


The article studies Avarian paremiological units, which represent the negative image of women in family/marriage. In Avar, the number of proverbs denoting femininity prevails over the proverbs denoting masculinity. The concept, that encompasses all the negative moral qualities and negative aspects of behavior of a wife in the Avarian national culture, is “квешай ч1ужу (kveshaychuzhu)”. This concept is represented by 15 frames of its associative-figurative layer. A huge number of proverbs, representing this concept, enable the author to conclude that the negative image of a wife prevails over the positive one in Avar linguoculture.

Key words: 

paremiology, negative evaluation, linguistic culture, national picture of the world, concept, frame, a bad wife, Avar language.

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