Structural features of English romantisists’ epistolary texts


The given article deals with structural features of epistolary texts of English Romanticists. The number of problem-thematic dominants of a text directly influences its structure, which is a distinguishing feature between monothematic and polithematic letters. The monothematic letter is a completed fragment, which possesses the quality of efficiency, wholeness, and ‘durability’. The polithematic letter, being dominant in the Romantic epistolary discourse, has a heterogeneous structure, the separate elements of which are linked either with the help of associations or paratactically. The letter-review or literary criticism part of the polithematic letter, characterised by conceptual clarity, conciseness of the author’s judgements and estimations, bright subjectivity, and the use of idiostyle elements reflecting the author’s creative position are built up in a special way.

Key words: 

structure, polithematic, monothematic, epistolary text, letter-review.

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