On research into the opposition “friend or foe” within the anthropocentric paradigm (based on the works of L.N.Tolstoy, G.Iskhaki)


The article is devoted to the research into the opposition “friend or foe” in the Russian and Tatar languages. It discusses the interaction of language and culture and describes the history of the formation of this opposition. The research is based on the works of L.Tolstoy and G.Iskhaki. The study presents the theme groups of the binary opposition functioning. The article concludes that by studying the semantic peculiarities of the opposition “friend or foe” using the text of the analyzed works we resort to one of the effective methods for understanding the mentality of Russian and Tatar people.

Key words: 

anthroposentrism, binary oppositions, opposition “friend or foe”, lexeme, Leo Tolstoy, G.Iskhaki.

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