Genre systems of the English-language electronic mathematical discourse


This article analyzes the genre system of the English-language electronic mathematical discourse in terms of the features characterizing the electronic channel of communication, different aims it pursues and the structure of this type of discourse. The article also discusses the notion of a discursive (speech) genre and provides different interpretations of this phenomenon established in modern linguistics. The research is based on M.M.Bakhtin’s communicative and stylistic theory, according to which any style is closely connected with the utterance and its forms, while an adequate understanding of the relations between language and speech genres is possible due to their common communicative nature. In the author’s opinion, electronic mathematical discourse is characterized by its own genre system that requires detailed consideration. The article concludes that the definition of electronic communication genres presents certain difficulty for researchers as computer-mediated communication is a synthesis of the preceding types of communication (oral and written).

Key words: 

genre, mathematics, mathematical discourse, speech genre, discursive genre, subdiscourse, channel, subject.

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