Unknown pages of V.O.Klyuchevsky’s handwritten heritage (V.O.Klyuchevsky. Lectures on the history of western Europe in connection with the history of Russia / Edited by R.A.Kireeva. – M.: NP PH «Russian Panorama», 2012)


The article is devoted to the release of "V.O.Klyuchevsky. Lectures on the History of Western Europe in Connection with the History of Russia" edited by R.A.Kireyeva, who prepared this unique handwritten heritage of the great Russian historian for publication. The author reveals the scientific significance of the materials presented in the voluminous work that allow us to retrace the evolution of Kliuchevsky’s historical views on the modern history of Western Europe and Russia. The article reviews all the key issues which Klyuchevsky raised while working on the course of General History in Alexander's Military College, and in his course of lectures to Grand Duke Georgy Alexandrovich Romanov, the heir to the Russian throne, in Abustamani in 1890s.

Key words: 

historical memory, modernization, scientific laboratory, methodology, comparative-historical method, self-consciousness of society, the role of the individual in history.

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