Authors’ images and maxims in lexicographic studies (commentary on the book “I.A.Krylov’s Fables: Quotes, Images, Catch Phrases” by V.M.Mokienko and K.P.Sidorenko, St.Petersburg, 2013)


The authors characterize lexocographic genres of dictionaries containing catch words, phrases, and similar units, which have firmly established themselves in contemporary writers` lexicography. These dictionaries are divided into three types: 1) dictionaries of quotations, 2) dictionaries of authentic winged words and expressions, 3) dictionaries of intertextemes. They give a detailed analysis of the third type, which belongs to a new kind of syncretic reference books. The reviewed publication is a dictionary of intertextemes; this dictionary includes 1700 assorted excerpts from the collection of I.A.Krylov`s fables. These excerpts have been subjected to a functional semantic and cultural linguistic analysis.

Key words: 

aphorisms, maxims, intertextemes, catch phrases, catch words, writers` lexicography, I.A.Krylov.

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