A language model of human behavior: discourse analysis


Based on the behavior model of R.Raskolnikov, the protagonist of F.M.Dostoyevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment”, the article characterizes art discourse as an author’s constructive process of image creation. The article considers the language behavior model of the character as a scheme of his purposeful activity from the conception to its implementation, the activity determined by certain motives and goals, and reflected in language forms. The basic unit of our analysis is the statement from the text of the novel forming a dynamic entity of discourse, limited to the semantic framework of “conception to implementation” and explicating key concepts correlated to the concept of “crime”. The article shows the interdisciplinary nature of the discourse approach to the analysis of language material and the importance of extralinguistic factors for the description of discourse.

Key words: 

art discourse, image of the character, language behavior model, discourse analysis, interdisciplinary approach.

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