The issue of linguistic mentality in the philosophical heritage of Pavel Hokhryakov


The article discusses the Russian provincial philosopher P.P. Hokhryakov’s scientific views on a number of ethno-linguistic issues of the late 19th century. They are: language and national character, the lexical structure of the language as a reflection of the world image and mentality of a particular ethnic group, Russian linguistic mentality. Two of his original books "Language and Psychology" (Kazan, 1889) and "On the Origin of Man from a Psychological Point of View and Criticism of Evolutionary Morality of Spencer" (Vyatka, 1893) served as a material for the linguistic analysis. Distinctive features of the Russian language mentality, which are reflected in these works, have not been the subject of special study in the history of linguistic and philosophical thought.

Key words: 

Pavel Hokhryakov, national character, Russian linguistic mentality, world image.

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