The word in the language picture of the world and being


This article is dedicated to the most ancient stratum of the Russian language picture of the word: the terms of relationship. Special attention is paid to the semantic changes from the original Indo-European form up to the form functioning in the speech of modern native speakers. The comparison of national forms of greeting etiquette testify to their both linguistic and cultural specificity stemming from clearly visible axiological representations and mental stereotypes typical of specific cultures and originating in the distant past. By studying the ancient period of functioning of the terms of kinship, it was possible to trace the evolution of the Russian linguistic consciousness which was formed on the foundations of the key community-based and family-based linguistic patterns. They illustrate the main difference between the old-Russian “musts” and the West-European individual-oriented concepts.

Key words: 

term of relationship, world picture, language mentality, being, intercultural communication.

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