Gotthold Weil as a researcher of Tatars and the Tatar language


The article discusses one of the unexplored and, so to speak, surprising pages of World War I history –
a research carried out by German scientists in the camps for Muslim prisoners of war in Germany. One of these scientists was Gotthold Weil, on whose activities the article focuses. He was the first researcher in Germany, who drew attention to the Tatar language, history, and culture. His work among Tatar prisoners as well as his censorship of Tatar POW’s letters led G.Weil to the idea of publishing a linguistic material, a succinct and well-balanced article about Tatars and Tatar culture. He also initiated the idea of teaching the Tatar language in the University of Berlin.

Key words: 

World War I, Muslim prisoners of war, propaganda camps, Gotthold Weil, Tatar texts, the Tatar language teaching.

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