Genre attribution of Wighelm Kukhelbecker’s prosaic works of the 1820s


Wighelm Kukhelbecker’s prosaic works are marked by topicality and relevance, fully complying with the requirements of his time. The given article analyzes the following prosaic works by W.Kukhelbecker belonging to the early period of his creative work: “European Letters” (1820), “The Journey” (1821), “The Land of Bezglavtsevs” (1824), and “Ado” (1824) and singles out genre features of these works that are determined by the author’s creative manner and peculiarities of his world view and attitude. The performed analysis revealed the genre attribution of each work. The undertaken study suggests that the early prosaic works by W.Kukhelbecker are in many ways unique and hold a special place in Russian literature.

Key words: 

W.K.Kukhelbecker, Russian fictional prose of the 1820s, epistolary genre, Utopia, Anti-utopia, historical prose.

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