Vocabulary of G.R.Derzhavin’s prose language in «Notes from Events and True Deeds Known to All »


The paper analyzes the semantics and structure of Tatar denominal verbs which are interpreted as 'S getting Sm', where Sm is a component denoting a part of a plant. The semantic structure of these verbs includes the following integral semantic features: transition to a new state, possessive relationships, meronymy, and characterization relationships. The verb semantics also expresses change in the subject of possessive relationships (in a plant) conditioned by a new qualitative state, namely, the appearance of a new part. A distinctive feature of the analyzed type verbs is the presence of an incorporated actant. The paper also identifies a denotation sphere of the analyzed type verbs and describes certain restrictions on compatibility conditioned by the verbal semantics.

Key words: 

G.R.Derzhavin, prose, lingvographics, author’s vocabulary, electronic directory.

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