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Linguistics Speech associative representations of mental states: Evaluation aspect Alekseeva E., Gimatova L.
Linguistics The role of object-person metaphors in “Tαξιδευοντας. Αγγλια” by Nikos Kazantzakis Bobrova O.
Linguistics Preservation of national identity and translation of the names of acts Bushueva L.
Linguistics “Collocation” in foreign linguistics: Semantic content of the notion Bashkirova K., Varlamova E.
Linguistics Non-title class terms in Russian Galeev T., Miftakhova A.
Linguistics The verb ощущать: A record of semantic-cognitive analysis Go Lin, Kosova V.
Linguistics The French language and the literary norm in the nineteenth century: The influence of the bilingual personality on the formation of the Russian language standards (based on A. S. Pushkin's works) Gordeeva L.
Linguistics Phraseological units denoting old age of a person in the English and Russian languages Arsenteva E., Díaz, Yetzaneth
Linguistics Representation of Greek lingvoculture in Russian trademarks Evsyukova T., Glukhova O.
Linguistics On translatability: Cultural untranslatability Evteev S., Latyshev L.
Linguistics Zero suffixation and conversion as word-formation methods Korneyeva T.
Linguistics Verbal descriptions of non-verbal behavior signs in B. Akunin’s novel “The Diamond Chariot” Korobkova N., Mardieva L.
Linguistics Occasional derivatives in fictional texts at the turn of the 20th century Kukuyeva G.
Linguistics The role of polycode components in the structure and semantics of hypertexts and hypermedia from the electronic literary Kuchina S.
Linguistics Derivational potential of Chinese toponyms in the modern Russian language Li Siqi
Linguistics Hemeronyms of onomastic media space in the Republic of Tatarstan (structuralgrammatical and functional-pragmatic features) Mukhametzyanova L.
Linguistics Linguistic variation in the Kazan Lectionary of the 14th century based on the Holy Week readings Nikolaeva N., Yermoshin A.
Linguistics Homonymy of parenthetic words and definite-personal sentences Ramazanova R.
Linguistics Semantics of the names of natural realities in ethnocultural language projections Nurullina G., Usmanova L.
Linguistics Rites of healing in Eastern Africa and ritual lexis based on literary sources Fattakhova A., Melnikova M.
Linguistics Figurative potential of the lexemes joy and sorrow (based on poetic works) Hayrutdinova G., Lutfullina G.
Linguistics Plasticity of Metropolitan Macarius’s (Bulgakov’s) style: Key elements and results of the analysis Kharchenko V.
Linguistics Russian and Chinese speech etiquette: Farewell Chan Wan Jun
Linguistics Difficulties of translating deantroponimic names from German to Russian Chigasheva M.
Linguistics Opposition relations between anthroponyms in antiphrases Chen Yaxing
Linguistics Onomatopoeia and textuality. Stylistics of onomatopoeic advertising discourse Yakovleva V.
Literary Studies The image of N. V. Gogol’s Bashmachkin in the projections of Eastern culture Bekmetov R.
Literary Studies The “lost” lyrical hero of the 1980s–1990s in the poetry of Sergey Gandlevsky, Denis Novikov and Boris Ryzhii Dormidontova O.
Literary Studies The image of revolution in O. A. Ilyina-Boratynskaya's novel “The Eve of the Eighth Day” Komar N.
Literary Studies Poetics of repetitions in V. Makanin's story “The Straggler” Malkova A.
Literary Studies The typology of contemporary children's Christmas stories Makhinina N., Nasrutdinova L.
Literary Studies From mythologizing image to mythologizing historical events (based on “The Story of the Winged Liberia” by Yuri Buida) Prokhorova T.
Literary Studies L. N. Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina”: Existential position in borderline situations Sayapova A.
Literary Studies Vyazemsky’s layer in Choukhontsev’s poetry Skovrtsov A.
Literary Studies Folklore images-symbols in Tatar poetry of the 1920s and 1930s Yusupova N.
Literary Studies Tatar fairy tales: Traces of mythological representations associated with tabooprohibitions Yakhshisarova G.
Pedagogy Systemic diagnostics of the development level of artistic culture in children’s personality Akhmetshina E.
Pedagogy The potential of reading fiction in the original as a means of developing students’ communicative competence Nurieva N.
Pedagogy Meaningful utterances in the speech of foreign language learners Svirina L.
University Life The one who nurtured “the gardens of knowledge” in our hearts … (on the 70th birth anniversary of Professor A. M. Syayapova) Zaripova-Chetin Ch.
University Life Scientific and methodological heritage of scientists from Kazan University: Nailya Nuryjhanovna Fattakhova Kulkova M., Yusupova Z.
University Life On the path of science and education (on the 65th birthday anniversary of Professor Ch. M. Kharisov Shakirova G. Nabiullina G.