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Linguistics On the conceptual potential of prefixes Afinskaya Z.
Linguistics Clipped lexemes in British and American newspapers Gaibova L., Tatkenova A.
Linguistics Tatar natural phenomena verbs: Semantics and collocability Galieva A., Zamaletdinov R.
Linguistics Professional linguistic personality: On the establishment of a typological passport Gafiyatova E.
Linguistics General and specific features in Avar, Russian and English proverbs about the omnipotence of love: Linguoculturological aspect Isaeva E.
Linguistics Language in the service of the consumer society and culture Kazachenko O.
Linguistics Variability of Turkisms in the Russian language (based on academic dictionaries) Karimullina G.
Linguistics Paleographic features of the Kazan Lectionary of the fourteenth century (Department of Rare Books and Manuscripts of the Scientific Library at Kazan Federal University, No. 2072): Diacritical marks Nikolaeva N.
Linguistics Lexemes “organization” and “organism” in the Russian language in comparison with Chinese Niu Anna
Linguistics Game terminology in fictional and professional discourse (based on the works of V. V. Nabokov, A. E. Karpov, A. B. Roshal) Rakhimova D.
Linguistics Reflecting the national character in the paroemias of the Mexican Spanish and American English languages Samigullina-Caserta L.
Linguistics Peculiarities of self-presentation in political debates in the aspect of multimodal interactions Tarasova O.
Linguistics Semantic features of the verbs of interpersonal relations in I. A. Bunin's works Fakharova G., Nurullina G.
Linguistics On aesthetic resources of the category of case of nouns (based on Russian poetry) Xinxin Zhang
Linguistics The language of the copy of “The Slavo-Bulgarian History” by N. Gerov Shulezhkova S.
Linguistics The image of the moon in K. D. Balmont’s poetry Shtyrlina E.
Literary Studies Mythological theatre in the novel “The Magus” by John Fowles Baratova O.
Literary Studies Parable as a structural principle in V. Makanin’s novel “The Straggler” Vasilieva-Shalneva T.
Literary Studies The image of Moses as the Messiah in A. Burgess’s poem “Moses: A Narrative” Gainutdinova A.
Literary Studies Features of artistic expression of the image “garden” in the works of Russian and Tatar poets: The second half of the twentieth century Galimullin F., Galimullina A.
Literary Studies The motif of duality in the novel “The Scapegoat” by Daphne du Maurier Dinershtein P.
Literary Studies Mythological allusions in W. S. Maugham’s novel “The Moon and Sixpence” as elements of the symbolic expression: The concept “creativity” Zhikhareva T.
Literary Studies Leo Tosltoy’s novel “Anna Karenina”: Semantic and stylistic peculiarities of the Tatar translation Zakirov А.
Literary Studies The system of images in Ruth Jhabvala’s novel “Heat and Dust” Ashrapova A., Zinnatullina Z.
Literary Studies Homo impericus and ghosts of identity in the prose of modern writers Kazimirchuk A.
Literary Studies The structural integrity of Paul Auster’s “The New York Trilogy” Karslieva D.
Literary Studies Egypt as the ancestral home of humanity in Algernon Blackwood’s works: On the issue of the limits in Gothic fiction Lipinskaya A.
Literary Studies Colonial discourse in Eugene Fromentin’s Algerian travelogues Ovcharova E.
Literary Studies The images of Aztec mythology in David Herbert Lawrence’s poetry Petrosyan M.
Literary Studies Genre and style characteristics of Russian noir (L. Petrushevskaya “The New District. Prague”) Ponomareva E.
Literary Studies Postcolonial Irish novel: On the gradual loss of identity (based on the novel “What Are You Like?” by Anne Enright) Sayfullina M.
Literary Studies Space and time in the philosophical novel “Terra Amata” by J. M. G. Le Clezio Safronova V.
Literary Studies On preservation of the national color in the translations of fiction (based on the translations of R. Rolland’s “Colas Breugnon” by M. Lozinsky and M. Maksoud) Sayapova A.
Literary Studies The fantasy of myth and the truth of history: K. Ishiguro’s novel “The Buried Giant” Selitrina T.
Literary Studies The cultural stratum of Oleg Choukhontsev’s poem “It’s nice to be a young officer…” Skovrsov A.
Literary Studies The image of America in “The Clockwork Testament or: Enderby’s End” by Anthony Burgess Smyslova E.
Literary Studies Mikhail Bulgakov: Perceptions across times Podchinenov A., Snigireva T.
Literary Studies German cultural codes in the performance “Karl and Anna” based on Leonhard Frank’s play (“Masterovye” Theater, Naberezhnye Chelny) Shevchenko E.
Literary Studies Ideological and artistic singularity of R. Mukhamadiev’s novel “Kүзачкысыз буран” (“The Impenetrable Blizzard”) (2016) Nigmatullina A., Shemshurenko O.
Pedagogy Organizing work with media texts: Teaching Russian as a foreign language (based on the genre of an item) Varlamovа M.
Pedagogy Problems of communicative-oriented learning at the level of pre-university preparation: Russian as a foreign language Larionova A.
University Life Strokes to the biography of Galimjan Nigmati, an expert in literary studies Khabutdinov A.
University Life Modern trends in linguistic methodology in the twenty first century (review of Z. F. Yusupova’s monograph “Linguistic and Methodological Foundations of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language in School: The Late Twentieth–the Early Twenty First Centuries” Latfullina L.
University Life Review of the monograph “Cultural Linguistics. An Introduction” by Kusse H. / H. Kusse; translated by M. Novoselova. (Kazan: Kazan University Publishing House, 2016. 372 p.) Fattakhova N.