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Linguistics Functional peculiarities of economic media texts Harutyunyan L.
Linguistics On “nontraditionality” of communicative grammar Akhmerova L., Kapralova Ju., Palekha Е.
Linguistics Phraseological units in texts of animated cartoons (based on the texts of cartoons “Beauty and the Beast” and “Aladdin”) Migmanova N., Аyupova R.
Linguistics Function peculiarities of Turkisms in Russian comparisons Bolgarova R., Islamova E.
Linguistics The concept of “stupidity” in Russian and English linguocultures Bushuyeva L.
Linguistics Etymological analysis of the group of native phraseological units with the component - person’s designation by profession in the English and Russian languages Arsenteva E., Galyavieva L.
Linguistics Gender stereotypes in the political sphere of modern society Gasparyan S., Knyazyan A.
Linguistics Internet meme as a sign of modern media space Guzaerova R.
Linguistics Situations with the artistic-aesthetic category of “case” in the Tatar translation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina”: Stylistic aspects Zakirov A.
Linguistics Contrastive study of unrelated languages: Linguistic and methodological aspects Zakiryanov K., Zamaletdinov R., Zamaletdinova G.
Linguistics The territory of a terminology crossroads: The concept of “euphemism” Zvereva M.
Linguistics The analysis of neologisms in the language of modern mass-media: Stylistic aspects Kartashova E., Tonkova E.
Linguistics Relations of co-spatiality in the Tatar language Mirgalimov I.
Linguistics The title name of periodical publications in terms of communicative reality Mardieva L., Мukhametzyanova L.
Linguistics Мorphological features of media discourse (based on the Venezuelan and Iberian variants of Spanish) Gazizova L., Noskova A.
Linguistics Evaluation category as a basic component of education reform discredit strategy in American media-political discourse Pashkova А.
Linguistics Processes of semantic derivation in the language of photographers Mihailova M., Solnyshkina M.
Linguistics President's welcome speeches as a genre of diplomatic discourse Yapparovа V.
Literary Studies “From moral freedom to saving love”: The evolution of the Christian text in A.E. Nepomnyashchy’s ouevre Afanasev A.
Literary Studies W. Shakespeare’s tragedy “Hamlet” in Russian and Tatar translations: M. Lozinsky and N. Isanbet Bekmetov R., Spirchagova T.
Literary Studies Postcolonial discourse in contemporary Russian literature Breeva T.
Literary Studies Postcolonial discourse and posttraumatic syndrome: “Sensory pain” and “suffering pain” Vinokurov V., Vorontsova M.
Literary Studies G. Ibragimov’s story “One Episode from the Life of Young People” in the literary criticism of the 1910s. Gilazov Т.
Literary Studies Evolution of ideas concerning national distinctness of literature in Russian criticism and history of literature in the 19th – early 20th centuries Кrylov V.
Literary Studies The ethnos of Kets in colonial and post-colonial discourse in Russian literature of the 18th – early 20th centuries Maroshi V.
Literary Studies The “death/ birth” mythologeme in E. Vodolazkin’s novel “Laurus” Mahinina N., Sidorova М.
Literary Studies Russian-foreign connections: The image of Soviet Russia in S. de Beauvoir’s story “Misunderstanding in Moscow” Polyakov O., Polyakova O.
Literary Studies “The Advocate of Humanity” in the “The Country of Free Institutions”: The echo of Charles Dickens’s death in Russian journals of the 1870s. Proskurnin B., Simchenko L.
Literary Studies Hybrid imagery in Russian and English postcolonial literature Tolkachev S.
Literary Studies The magic of Grenouille and the magic of Berholm (from the life of the recent German novel about the artist) Frolov G.
Literary Studies Postcolonial look at the colonial epoch: Julian Barnes’ “Arthur & George” (2005) Khabibullina L.
Literary Studies Gender reconstruction of an ancient myth Shamina V.
Literary Studies Phases of colonial discourse in Russian prose about Turkestan Shafranskaya E.
Pedagogy Wales experience in Welsh functional development in the education system Gataullina К.
Pedagogy On creating a motivational learning environment in the course of learning Russian as a foreign language in the Czech audience Golikova G., Shevechkova M.
University Life Professor F.F. Kharisov’s contribution to Tatar linguomethodology Galiullina G.
University Life Scientific and methodical legacy of scientists at Kazan University: Muslima Magsumovna Shakurova Mirzagitov R., Yusupova Z.