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Linguistics Evaluative component of meaning in English and Russian phraseological euphemisms Arsentyeva Yu.
Linguistics Word building field of the concept “радость” in the Russian language Kolosova E., Votyakova I.
Linguistics Representation of the concept "wealth" by means of adjectives in the language of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s works Erofeeva I., Safonova S.
Linguistics Notes on the function of the construction “dativus absolutus” in the Electronic Corpus of 11th century Slavonic-Russian manuscripts Kapralova Ju.
Linguistics Categorical and noncategorical evidentilaity in the discursive English-speaking space Kozlovsky D.
Linguistics Hierarchy of the English verbs in the system of the English predicate Kuryaeva R.
Linguistics Typified fictional characters (based on English detective discourse) Kusaeva E., Tameryan T.
Linguistics The idiomatic potential of phytonyms in the process of formation of lingua-cultural competence in Chinese students Li Yuejiao.
Linguistics Games with primary vivid responses offered by language Mardieva L.
Linguistics The system of locative meanings in the Tatar languagе Mirgalimov I.
Linguistics Evaluation names of females in the “women's prose” (based on the works by V. Tokareva and L. Ulitskaya) Galeev T., Miftakhova A.
Linguistics Linguistic-historical analysis of the mainstreams in Venezuelan linguistics Noskova A.
Linguistics Extra-linguistic potential of the category of gender in the Russian language Nurullina G.
Linguistics Russian sustained comparisons of pejorative semantics describing human nature Rakhimova A.
Linguistics Synonymic repetition and its functions in Nabokov’s novel “The Defence” Rakhimova D.
Linguistics Functional-semantic status of parenthesis in V. V. Nabokov’s artistic discourse Chupryakova O., Safonova S.
Linguistics The cognitive nature of the tailor-made translation Sakhnevich S.
Linguistics Identifications of typological features of the extroverted personality type based on the key words in V.P. Aksenov’s story "Star Ticket" Bormusova L., Fattakhova N.
Linguistics “My life is cinematography”: Methods of metaphorization in the poetry of Yuriy Levitansky Fatkhutdinova V., Matveeva N.
Linguistics Function features of the hydronyms Volga and Neva (based on Russian poetry) Hayrutdinova G., Loutfullina G.
Linguistics Member of the Kazan linguistic school A.I.Aleksandrov on teaching the Russian language in elementary school Chernysheva A.
Linguistics Polysemic substantive regionalisms of the Spanish language Shakirova U.
Linguistics Speech communication based on the case method in the lessons of Russian as a foreign language Melnik Yu., Shtekhman E.
Linguistics Issues of correlation between scientific and school grammar (based on nominal parts of speech) Yusupova Z.
Literary Studies Rhythm as a means of penetrating into the hero’s consciousness in the prose of Zamyatin and Nabokov Voron (Sklyadneva) P.
Literary Studies Linvoditseya of Marina Tsvetaeva (“Art in the light of conscience”) Dzhabbarova E.
Literary Studies Russian literary classics and the conflict of ideologies Bekmetov R., Dmitrieva A.
Literary Studies Quotations from I. Krylov’s fables in A. P. Chekhov’s play “Three Sisters” and their translation into the Tatar language Galimullin A., Ibragimov M.
Literary Studies Peculiarities of translation of the fairy tale “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” by C. S. Lewis Karasik O., Shalagina O.
Literary Studies The short-movie script of “Trip to the Moon” by F. García Lorca: Its place among the author’s works and fictional diversity Moskalenko O.
Literary Studies The image of Judas in the world literature of the 20th -21st centuries Nazmieva A., Nesmelova O.
Literary Studies Infidelity and betrayal in “Finnegans Wake” by James Joyce (practice of the analysis of the second sentence) Pavlov D.
Literary Studies Neither fact nor fiction? The quincentenary of the literary utopia Parrinder P.
Literary Studies The image of mother in Anne Enright`s novel “The Gathering” Sayfullina M.
Literary Studies Images of heavenly bodies in Russian and Tatar folk lyric poetry Davletshina A., Khabibullina A.
Literary Studies Fine art in fiction: Tatar writer Marcel Galiev Khabutdinova M., Usmanova Je.
Pedagogy Intraschool methodological support for teachers designing technological lesson maps Akhmadullina R., Kaplan A., Salpykova I., Valiakhmetova N.
University Life Scientific Heritage of Kazan University: Almira Ashatovna Aminova Nagumanova E., Yusupova Z.
Review How to perceive impeceptible? (Review of the book: V. V. Kolesov, D. V. Kolesova, A. A. Kharitonov. “Dictionary of Russian Mentality” in two volumes. St.Petersburg: “Zlatoust”, 2014) Kamchatnov A.